My name is Nick. I am a student, storyteller, photographer, adventurer, and activist.

Since I was young I have had an observant eye and strong curiosity, and during my travels the past few years not only have I wanted to see and know the world, but also, share my experiences. I’m excited by this challenge and I find joy and purpose in these pursuits.

Its scary to know and acknowledge this, my vocation, that which I can’t live without, and that which the world tells me I can’t quite live with.

Is there a future in this? What do I have to say? All the other unknowns and “necessary” considerations. Yet now, I’m okay with fear and doubt. As a photographer, light is everything, yet without darkness there is no light.

In this blog I will engage this fear to find freedom. I will reflect on and share the grand beauty of our communities and the beauty that might go unperceived. I will share common adventures, as well as long journeys. Stories of people who inspire. People who might be ordinary, yet whose lives transcend the everyday and lead us to thought and action.

I hope you enjoy,




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